Aeroshield Triton UAV​​​​​​​
I was commissioned by startup company Aeroshield, to design the Triton Unmanned Aerial Vehicle(UAV), which is an automated aircraft drone designed to aid first responders in crisis situations. To create these renderings, i have researched real-world materials, and advanced aerodynamic principles, to help me design an aircraft that would not only be visually impressive, but also realistically able to carry its own weight through the air, and withstand G-forces while operating its additional payloads, including a 9mm customized cannon, two electric taser guns, two high-powered headlamps, a night vision+IR camera, as well as the battery required for sustained flight and tactical operations. 

These assets are under copyright by Aeroshield, and MAY NOT be used, in part or as whole, without expressed authorization of Aeroshield.
Technical drawings for patent application
Wireframe view of technical drawings
3D Renderings
(Autodesk Maya 2018 + Mental Ray)
Promotional animation sequences
(Autodesk Maya 2018 + Mental Ray + Adobe After Effects)
Concept Illustrations - Sketchbook Pro

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